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Liquor licensing and regulation often involves federal, state, and local governmental authorities. The federal licensing and regulatory agency is the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau. In Colorado the state licensing and regulation is held by both the Colorado Liquor Division which is a part of the Colorado Department of Revenue. In Colorado, the local authority is held by various entities, most often the city or county which makes Colorado a dual licensing state. Obtaining a Colorado liquor license is a critical, and often complex, step for any businesses that intends to sell or serve alcohol. The liquor law attorneys at The Tipton Law Firm have the experience to assist our clients in all types of liquor licensing and regulatory matters regardless of the licensing authority.

Our liquor law attorneys, some of whom have served as past liquor regulators, help clients in determining the departments with regulatory authority over an action, obtaining the appropriate liquor license for their business, and work closely with licensees to ensure compliance with Federal, Colorado and Nevada liquor laws. When license issues arise, the members of the firm are prepared to assist in resolving potential disputes. The Tipton Law Firm provides this advice to all three tiers of the liquor industry, from manufacturing, through distribution, to retail for final consumption by the consumer.The strong business practice and experience of The Tipton Law Firm also allows our attorneys to assist our clients in establishing the proper structure and financing of their businesses for the production, sale, or distribution of alcoholic beverages.

The liquor law attorneys at The Tipton Law Firm also continually play an active role in both the regulatory and legislative evolution of the liquor laws in Colorado. The attorneys in the firm have experience working with both legislators and regulators to craft and update liquor laws and rules that help maintain Colorado’s alcohol beverage industry as one of the healthiest and most diverse industries in the country.

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